April 20071

21. April, 20.00 Uhr
25 De Abril
Nelke im Gewehrlauf
Das Signal wurde über Radio gegeben
Nazaré – die Frau, nicht die Stadt

23. April, 14.00 Uhr
Lisboa Reloaded

23. April, 15.00 Uhr

23. April, 16.15 Uhr
Corpus Delicti

País Convidado: Portugal

Oysters von Joao Almeida

und Hörstücke

Zeit:Samstag, 21. April / 15.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
Ort: Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin / Studio

João Almeida (RDP, Antena 2) und Gabriele Bigott (rbb Kulturradio) stellen ihre kurzen Radiokunstformate vor.
Anschließend: Gespräch mit Christian Deutschmann"

An oyster is something alive, unshaped and eventually "ugly" at first sight, but ready to be opened revealing beautiful precious little things (pearls). The concept was adapted for radio: small (< 2 minutes), strange and apparently unshaped stories, working like extra short pictures, with a clear cut output based on sound impressions. Some of them are based on wonderful brief literary scripts (granted by universal authors like Mark Twain or Paul Auster), commonly tempered with a touch of irony. Others are based on original words written by the portuguese author Pedro Coelho. All of them are painted with creative soundscapes, being sometimes only sounds (with no words), always reflecting love for acoustic art. Usually they end up with a surprise effect. Like a true open oyster … in a glance.

Giant Oyster – Soundscape of Portugal
What if you suddenly jump into a discrete and surrealistic corner of a surprisingly unknown country, although quite close to your backyard? What if you open your mind, your ears? What people would you discover? What suggestive words, ideas and sounds would get your attention? Do they give you an essential feeling of that place? Will you get something new, or unexpected?
That’s it: with a 15 minute sound picture you’ll be guided through a peculiar itinerary of contemporary urban Portugal, with no big sentences, no touristic clichés... just the unreal real thing. Will you get it?

João Almeida

Born in Lisbon, Portugal (1963), João Almeida studied at the first radio school created in Portugal, supervised by the aclaimed journalist Adelino Gomes. In 1989, he started as radio journalist at TSF (the main news radio in Portugal) reporting international events such as: Ceausescu’s overthrow (Romania), Ethnic cleansing (Rwanda), Bosnian War (Sarajevo) etc. Between 1997 and 2000 he presented the morning news and the cultural magazine at TSF Radio. As a journalist he won the Gazeta Prize 1990 and the Clube de Imprensa Prize 1992 (radio) for his work as radio reporter. Between 2000 and 2004 he worked as cultural reporter at Portugal’s SIC Television (private TV) covering classical music events. Since 2005 he is de Assistant Director of Antena 2, the portuguese classical music state radio.